Public key: Andrew Gallagher <> 0xFB73E21AF1163937
Fingerprint: 00CC 54C6 A0C6 0169 1AF4 931F FB73 E21A F116 3937

Send me an encrypted mail

I recommend Thunderbird + Enigmail. On Debian-based systems, this is as easy as choosing "enigmail" in the package manager.

You will also need to install a version of GnuPG suitable for your OS:

You can use Mailvelope (a plugin for Chrome and Firefox) with many popular cloud-based email providers, e.g. Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Alternatively, is a PGP mail service that performs all encryption operations inside your browser. Your message is not visible by the server. You should use this link rather than entering my email address, as does not perform validation of my public key (and I have several dead ones on the keyservers).

Verify my key

I'm multiply linked to the PGP strong set, however you will need to trust my signatories (and their signatories in turn). That's a decision you will need to make for yourself. About the Web of Trust

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